Agreement reached at Public Meeting

Hesketh Bank Community Centre, which is currently celebrating it’s 75th year, is pleased to announce that, at a Public Meeting on Monday 2nd December, agreement was reached on its redevelopment plans.
Steve Kirby, Chairman, said, “We have had numerous discussions with interested parties and supporters for over a year and, as a result, we now have a viable way forward which received overwhelming support from those people present at the meeting.”

The committee of just six volunteers have worked for three years on the redevelopment project and are planning to have new facilities completed by June 2020. The plan will see the Back Hall demolished and rebuilt on its existing footprint and the committee confirmed that the Front Hall, Band Hall and Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) will stay as they are.

Steve cautioned, “We still have a long way to go with this project and are reliant on securing funding. We hope that the community will continue to support our fundraising efforts to ensure that we can continue to offer health, educational, arts and wellbeing opportunities for our residents for at least another 75 years.”

For more information email or call 07784 942127.