Brighter Future Workshop to close – “What a Damn Travesty!”

Brighter Future Workshop a charity will close in August after 13 years of serving local people with disabilities, as we have not been able to raise the funding necessary to operate the services required. It is a great blow to us all at Brighter Future but the real loss will be felt by the young disabled people many of whom had been thrown on “Life’s Scrapheap”  being isolated and had little or no life and community skills. In Brighter Future they found a place where they could grow in confidence, learn to believe in themselves and reach a level of attainment and skills that they were never  expected to achieve despite their disabilities e.g. Spina bifida, Downs Syndrome,  and learning disabilities. Local disabled people will also lose the only outlet for mobility equipment and aids.

Brighter Future Workshop primarily served West Lancashire, it was created by local people with disabilities to help other people with disabilities, and operated by them. We developed a unique charity that has achieved national and international acclaim. Having been honoured by HRH the Queen who presented Brighter Future with a “Queens Awards for Enterprise.” We were acknowledged as the best Social Firm in Europe, the best Social Enterprise in the UK, awarded The Prime Minister’s award and many more prestigious awards.

Our charity takes donated mobility equipment destined for landfill sites, young people with disabilities work alongside technicians to re-furbish the equipment e.g. wheelchairs, mobility scooters, powerchairs etc. to-date we have re-furbished over 35,000 pieces of equipment ensuring they are safe and fit for purpose before being sold back to needy disabled people who can’t afford new mobility equipment due to its high cost.

Peter Cousins Chairman said “it’s a great injustice to the present and up-coming generations of young people with disabilities that will be denied access to Brighter Future and other charities due to funding cutbacks. We have worked tirelessly to make Brighter Future sustainable achieving 91% of our costs through earned income, but this in its self is not enough, our showroom sales have dropped dramatically as local people are choosing to buy on the internet, along with no funding for 3 years leading to us depleting our reserves. We have no choice to close our doors before the charity becomes insolvent. “

I would like to thank the people who donated money to try help Brighter Future obtain the funding we needed to continue operating this amounted to £3,715 on the 20 July 2018, the final amount raised will show in our final accounts and will  be passed on to another charity with similar aims. A letter will be sent to this newspaper [The Champion] showing where the money went to.

We will be holding a closing down sale at both our Skelmersdale and Ormskirk branches, we need to sell all our stock at reduced prices.