Can You Help Support the Skem Menaces 24 Hour Football Marathon?

On the 2nd September, 10 am until Sunday 3rd of September 10 am the Mighty and awesome SKEM MEN-ACES are planning to do an INCREDIBLE and STAGGERING feat of Human endurance by playing FOOTBALL non-stop for a COLOSSAL 24 HOURS at Skelmersdale College sports hall. During the day and night, other teams from across the Town and beyond will be coming to play and support the ACES.

These unique Athletes will be attempting the GARGANTUAN task to show their love and support for Lola May, a three year old from Skelmersdale, and her incredible family who live and fight so bravely with the disease MOWAT WILSON SYNDROME.

The Menaces are looking for teams to play and support them during their 24-hour footie Marathon. It can be anytime from 10am Saturday until 10am Sunday. We particularly need teams that are willing to come throughout the night hours.

They are also looking for donations of energy drinks, water, high energy bars or chocolate to keep the guys going through this massive task. Any donations can be collected.