Charity in the blood: Heart of gold Harry raises £5000

Harry Eaton, brother of the award winning charity worker and Men-Aces founder, Carl Eaton, has achieved his own badge of honour by raising £5,000 for the British Heart Foundation, proving that charity runs through the Eaton family veins.
Skelmersdale born Harry, who has learning disabilities, volunteered at the British Heart Foundation shop in the Concourse for two years. By selling £1 pin badges up to 4 times a week he raised the staggering amount. £5,000 will go a long way in funding the cutting edge research of the British Heart Foundation and this is all down to the hard work of Harry.

The British Heart foundation, established in 1961, is the leading UK researcher into heart and circulatory diseases and key breakthroughs, such as the funding of clot-busting drugs in the treatment of heart attacks, have lead to countless lives being saved. Educating the public about preventative strategies to avoid heart disease and heart attacks also forms a key part of their work.

A thrilled Harry’s achievements were recognised with the presentation of a certificate but this is by no means the first time Harry has shown he has a heart of gold. Alongside his brother, he has raised hundreds of pounds over the years for the football club he loves, the Men-Aces.

The Skelmersdale based football club, for men with learning difficulties, plays a huge part in Harry and Carl’s lives and raising money to keep such a valuable personal and community project running is vital. Never missing a beat to do so, Carl and his wife, Mim, are absailing down the Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth on the 8th July 2018. With their hearts in their mouths, they are hoping to raise £2,000 to keep the exceptional team of friends going.

You can find out more about Harry, Carl and the Men-Aces by clicking on and donate to Carl and Mim’s latest fundraising project at