Create a piece of your family history at Ormskirk’s Medieval Weekend

Imagine living in Ormes Kikja, a newly formed 12th century town, with a thriving market where farmers bring their livestock to sell, tradesmen congregate around the cross and pubs heave with the merry money made from this activity. A time of Knights and chivalry, Barons and Ladies. Imagine the sights, smells and sounds around you. Well now you don’t have to, because Ormskirk’s Medieval Weekend is back! Held in Coronation park on the 12th-13th May 2018, this free event will run from 11am – 4pm each day.

Dan FitzEdward, Head of Historia Normannis who are running the event with West Lancashire Ranger service, said “Whilst you can explain history, it’s no substitute for experiencing it. Re-enactors can tell you how things feel and smell and if you stand close to the fighters as they come off the field, you can too!”

With archery, music and traditional wood and metalwork displays there are a wealth of activities to make this day become part of your family legend.

Alongside these are bigger display events, such as the Arming of the Knight, where a re-enactor is kitted up before doing battle.

Reflecting on last year’s display, Dan said “The audience seemed fascinated by the differences and the fighting”. As proud victor of the clash last year, Dan is keen to retain his crown. So, why not join him to see if he can?

There are also new activities on the programme of events this year. Dan said “We’ve put together junior equipment so children can get involved and be drilled like a medieval army, that’s proved very popular at other events”.

As a former resident of Ormskirk, Dan is looking forward to coming back this year, he said “It’s lovely to come back to Ormskirk year after year. The welcome we get is wonderful”.

So, check out the event on the links below and check into the 12th Century with your family to write a part of your history.

Historia Normannis website

West Lancahsire Ranger Service
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Facebook @wlbc.rangers.