Macmillan Move More Programme for West Lancashire residents

The service is provided by a highly specialist multidisciplinary team that fully understands cancer and the effects on the person and provides an in depth assessment of their needs and abilities. They can advise on what physical activities are available, refer to local exercise schemes, and also have cancer specific exercise programmes to give people confidence.

The team has many contacts with other organisations ensuring there are lots of different opportunities to exercise that are not in a gym environment including gardening, walking groups amongst many others.

Although based in Ormskirk hospital, they visit all areas of West Lancashire. Benefits of increasing physical activity include reducing recurrence of cancer, reducing fatigue, increasing mood and well-being as well as many other health benefits.

To find out more contact them on 01695 656268, email and ask for Move More or call in to the physiotherapy department at Ormskirk hospital Mondays or Fridays (excluding bank holidays) and ask for the Move More Team.