New video tells story of Well Skelmersdale

Well Skelmersdale has been recently set up to create a connected community, by revolutionising the town into a hub for health, well-being, leisure, enterprise, culture, learning and raising educational aspiration.

In order to achieve this, Well Skelmersdale will unleash the potential of its residents, places and assets and it will connect skills, education and employment.

In addition, it will also provide a networking opportunity, bringing together community businesses, voluntary, faith and community organisations (both public and private).

Finally, it will also use to it fullest, the green space that that the town is blessed with and will beautify its built environment.

Well Skelmersdale is aiming to reframe health and ultimately to make a real difference to real people.

We would like to start telling our story and expressing what we hope to achieve. To do this, we have created a new short film which speaks out on our behalf. This story is about Skem (as we call it), told by the people of Skem.

We’d love you to take a minute (well, 11 minutes to be precise) to watch our film. It can be viewed here.

We would love you to get involved, ask questions, and like and share our story via Facebook and Twitter.

If you would like to learn more about Well Skelmersdale, you can visit the website, or get in touch with us via this email address.