Peter Cousins CEO of Brighter Future Workshop Stepping Down.

After 15 years as CEO of Brighter Future I will be stepping down over the next few months due to ill health. I am saddened to do this but I do not want my health to have a detrimental effect to the long term future of Brighter Future. Now at 70 I believe this is the right time for me to step-down.

I am looking for a competent dynamic person to take over my role and continue to develop Brighter Future; or we can also explore possibilities of either Brighter Future being taken over by or merging with another charity. Any constructive ideas are up for consideration to ensure the long term continuity of Brighter Future to help people with disabilities through training, sales, service, repair or recycling of mobility equipment.

Outline of Brighter Future Workshop
Brighter Future is a prestigious charity in Lancashire. We opened for business in 2005 as a unique charity that takes young people with disabilities to train in our workshop. These trainees work alongside trained technicians to re-cycle donated mobility equipment e.g. wheelchairs, mobility scooters, rise and recline chairs plus much more. When recycled the equipment is sold at a cost effective price to needy disabled people who can’t afford new equipment.
At the end of our financial year 30th June 2017 we were 92% sustainable, we had recycled over 35,000 pieces of mobility equipment and completed over a 100,000 training hour with young people with disabilities. At the end of March 2018 we had a total earned income of £4,652,012.

A Selection of Our Awards
“Queens Award for Sustainable Development”
Best Social Enterprise England
Best Social Enterprise UK
Best Social Firm in Europe
Deloitte Innovation Pioneers
The Big Society Award

This is a broad overview of our charity, interested parties can contact me by email


Peter Cousins MBE Chairman