Sightline Vision Helpline

Are you caring for a family member or friend who is experiencing any degree of sight loss?

Sometimes it is difficult to know how to support someone who is visually impaired or whose sight is diminishing.   Sightline is a unique sight loss charity helpline which is free and confidential.  All our volunteers on the helpline have various degrees of visual impairments and are trained in listening skills.  We can provide emotional support to the person experiencing sight loss, their carers and family. Our volunteers are understanding, supportive and encouraging.  We understand the strong emotions which sight loss can bring and we can also give information about other sight loss services which offer support.

Phone Sightline any evening between 6pm and 10pm on 0800 587 2252.

 We also welcome enquiries if you have sight loss and would like to know more about becoming a volunteer with Sightline.  For more information please contact or phone 01772 753701