Volunteer for Resolve International – Combating Child Poverty in Nepal

Three fantastic volunteering opportunities are available with Resolve International:

Volunteering Opportunity: North West Expansion Group Member – Communications.

Volunteering Opportunity: North West Expansion Group Member – Partnership Development.

Volunteering Opportunity: North West Expansion Group Member – Fundraising.

Transforming lives in Nepal. ‘There has been a drastic change in Kiran because of the project. It is all a result of the quality primary education project, and we had not imagined such kinds of improvement.’ said his class teacher Geeta. Kiran is one of 15,500 people in Nepal who have directly benefitted from Resolve International’s work. Imagine how much more we could achieve with your help.

Resolve International Expansion Group As a member of our Expansion Group you will volunteer your skills to develop and expand our programmes which combat child poverty in Nepal. Help us improve literacy in primary schools, and reduce child deaths by improving sanitation and providing clean water. The Resolve International Expansion Group provides pro-bono services in developing and expanding the activities of the charity in support of Resolve International Trustee Board.

You will meet with your team each month in Skelmersdale to report success and to plan your home based activities.

As a member of the Communications Team you will be a member of a pro-active team, contributing to all communication channels to build our image, branding and supporter communications.

o Project proposal and report writing.
o Website design and optimisation.
o Social media.
o Leaflets, banners and posters.

What you will gain: Your efforts will have tangible results and give direct benefit for children in small rural communities in the Himalayas of Nepal, which is one of the world’s poorest countries, Nepal. You will help our small charity build our skill base so that we can transform more lives in Nepal.

Our pilot quality education programme produced dramatic learning improvements in five schools in Baglung District, Nepal. The Baglung District Education Officer asked Resolve International to expand its programme across the whole District. We are currently scaling up our ability to meet that challenge.
Nepal has been ravaged by natural disasters and the supply of clean drinking water and sanitation remain essential to a healthy life. We support small communities which are left out of the mainstream projects for water and sanitation which are provided by larger organisations. Competing with the larger NGOs for funds for water and sanitation projects is very challenging and you can help us redress the balance.
Resolve International welcomes active support to achieve our goals in Nepal.

For more information please contact Keith Laycock:

E:       enquiries@resolveinternational.org

Web:  www.resolveinternational.org