West Lancashire community pull together to create a happier Christmas for those in need

It’s Monday 17th December and today, the Evermoor Hub is bustling!  Teams of volunteers are gathering to pack and deliver the masses of food and gifts donated by the West Lancashire community. Once packed, these parcels will be distributed to those West Lancashire residents in need this Christmas

Speaking to Margret Highton, who was in the thick of the action, she said, “It is unbelievably chocka here today. Hoards of people are currently working really hard. All the food and gifts are laid out ready to be packed. We are really busy but it’s great!”

The Evermoor Hub, situated within Digmoor, Skelmersdale, runs a foodbank throughout the year. The foodbank provides those in need of essentials with what they need. Christmas can be a challenging time, financially and mentally for all, but for the most vulnerable in our Community it can be even more of a struggle. Providing parcels of Christmas food and luxuries to the homeless and needy is even more critical therefore. Everyone at the Evermoor Centre is a volunteer and each play their part to ensure the smooth running of the centre. From Margret herself to their dedicated driver, who is in his 70s, everyone is an essential part of the voluntary team.

Items for the parcels have been donated from the generous people of West Lancashire. From multinational North West Based companies, such as Proctor and Gamble and Walkers, to local Primary school pupils and all of their individual efforts have come together to create a phenomenal success. Margret went on to say, “We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without the people of West Lancashire. They have been a wonderful support and we thank them all for every donation.”

And this is not the only way the Evermoor Hub is helping to create a happy Christmas for residents in the West Lancashire Community. On Christmas Day, they will open their doors to anyone who would like to join them for a free Christmas dinner, meaning no-one needs to be alone or hungry this Christmas. Dinner will be served at 12pm and all people need to do is to ring the centre to book a place. Margret said, “Even if you don’t ring, we won’t turn you away, but we would like to know rough numbers for catering. All are welcome though”.

If you would like to join the free Christmas meal at the Evermoor Hub, Skelmersdale then ring: 01695 727483 to book your place and have a very happy Christmas.